Sunday, November 30, 2008

The World School Model of Learning

The World School Model of Learning is the design for a unique and well-planned educational program.  It is a design whose time has come.

Based on ideals of learning for the sake of learning, where, on the global front, everyone is simultaneously a student and a stakeholder, the World School Model promotes and supports lifelong learning for all members of society.  Individuals of all ages are both students and teachers; striving to learn, while seeking solutions to the challenges facing our world.  The design enables project based, constructive learning in all areas.

While the World School Model provides fully equipped high-tech classrooms in which students meet to work together, learning is recognized as a non-stop, fluid endeavor that takes place in all environments, twenty-four hours a day.  Student access to various critical technologies is facilitated through the school's partnership with the business world both locally and abroad.

Movement from ideas and ideals, to the design of our new learning model, took place over time and with the support of numerous technologies.  We enjoyed the application of project based, constructive learning in our own growth during this process, and recognized its value. Therefore, we determined that it was key in the development of the World School Model.
Use of  an assortment of technologies including blogs, wikis, e mail, text messaging, internet links, and skype enabled our ongoing discussion throughout the development of the World School Model; promoting the sharing of ideas with immediacy and relevancy in real time, without negotiating travel and other challenges faced by distance learners.  These are also key components of the World School Model. 
Throughout the development of our new program, however, the most fruitful of our engagements were spent together.  These face to face encounters clarified our values, cemented ideas, and engaged our vision.  The moments spent together built our relationship in ways that no means of technology can be expected to.  This is recognized and expected to be a critical component of the World School program design. 
I am once again amazed and impressed with the adventure this quarter has provided.  I have learned new things and challenged myself to be tested in new technologies.  By endeavoring into these uncharted waters, I have learned more about the world of technology (a positive result, particularly since this class was intended for this purpose!).  I have also stretched and grown by taking the necessary steps with an assortment of technology tools to move forward to complete the assignments.  While I feel that I have learned a great deal, I continue to see that there is more to know.  The difference is that now I have no fear of the unknown of technology... I welcome it.      


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